Meet Your Makers : Part Three

16 Apr 2018

Meg Hackett is Ultimate Off Road Campers' Assistant Financial Director. Now we know what you are thinking..."boring". Well, not if you have grown up eating, sleeping and drinking off-road camping adventures! In addition to her duties debiting and crediting ledgers and reconciling bank accounts, Meg has a talent for making the best coffee at Ultimate Campers' head office.

Meet Your Makers : Part Two

7 Apr 2018

So what's it lie to be a co-owner of the iconic Aussie off-road camper trailer brand? Wendy Hackett talks about the company she helped to found with her husband Michael, her passion for camping and her family.

Behind the scenes at Ultimate Off Road Campers

29 Mar 2018

We love videos. So much so that we make videos about videos! In this one, Michaael and Emily Hackett take you behind the scenes of the video that launched the Stone Shield. There's lots of cool off roading going on and a fair bit of've been warned.

The ultimate walk through of the Nexus with MrBuckaroonie

29 Mar 2018

Off-roading camping youtuber (Really? Is there such a thing?!) MrBuckaroonie took the opportunity to walk through the Ultimate Nexus off-road camper trailer with Luke Sutton of Drifta Camping and 4WD. Luke is our newest agent and the Nexus can been seen at his latest store in Brendale, Queensland.

Ultimate Off Road Campers launches the Stone Shield

16 Mar 2018

Ultimate Off Road Campers has launched a new accessory, the Stone Shield. Follow the new product from concept, through manufacture and then field tested. Taking you on the Stone Shield journey is none other than co-owner, Michael Hackett.

Ultimate Camper vs Gunshot Creek....easy!

4 Jan 2017

An owner of a camper trailer from Ultimate Campers with their Prado 150 taking on Gunshot Creek in Cape York. Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australian off-road conditions.

Meet Your Makers : Part One

25 Jul 2016

In the first of a new series Ultimate Campers co-owner Michael Hackett takes you around the Ultimate factory to introduce you to the team who make Australia's best off road camper trailers.

Nautilus : The star of the show

18 May 2016

What's Up Down Under had a chat with Ultimate Campers' own Steve Smith at the Rosehill Show about the Ultimate Nautilus. The Nautilus may well be the star of he show but Steve is not too far behind!

Taking the Xtrk down Gunshot

8 Sep 2015

Proud Xtrk owner Ol Fullerton takes his Xtrk down Gunshot. A few owners have been attempting the challenge this year! Good effort mate.