Top of Down Under Mini-Series Now Online

Top of Down Under Mini-Series Now Online

5 Dec 2018

Top of Down Under's Penny Wells took her Ultimate off-road camper through Litchfield National Park in this 4-part mini-series which aired on Foxtel Aurora 173 in November and December 2018.

For way too long National Parks have been systematically locking out the four wheel drive community from the tougher tracks. But the M.O.U. agreement between Northern Territory Parks and the 4WD clubs of the N.T. has started a new era of re-opening tracks to the 4WD community.

Helen's Ultimate Whale Tale...

6 Sep 2018

A camp site doesn't get much better then this. Check out the whale and her calf playing in the shallows. This stunning video was captured by Helen at the Two Peoples Bay Camp. When you own an Ultimate off-road camper trailer this is what you can do and see....amazing.

Adventure Advice Tips: #1 Setting up and packing away a privacy tent

24 Aug 2018

We have seen it or been the victim of it, those tricky pesky pop-up privacy tents! Ultimate Off Road Campers' min man, Michael Hackett, will take you through a quick and simple step-by-step guide on how to set one up but more importantly watch how simple he packs it up and he explains it all as he goes...

An Ultimate off road camper trailer on the Gibb River Road

11 Jul 2018

This video was sent to us by an Ultimate owner. Just out there doing what Ultimate owners do...enjoying the peace and tranquility of our great country. Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australian off-road adventures...

Back in black.

Back in black.

19 Apr 2015

The Nautilus is a show stopper any day of the week. But when the world's best off road camper trailer changes colour from white to black it becomes the talk of the town...

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