Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

8 Oct 2012

Our new owners like to check out all the angles before making a decision...

Our customers tend to feel on top of the World when they buy an off-road camper trailer from Ultimate Campers.  And why shouldn't they.  They'll see places and experience adventures others can only dream about.

There's no better way of checking if your Ultimate will hold the weight of kayaks, a tinny or bikes then climbing up on top and seeing what happens!  We don't mind if you need to get on top, underneath or ask one hundred questions twice over to satisfy yourself that this is the World's best range of off-road camper trailers.

Of course, after-sales service is very important to us at Ultimate Campers, so much so that Sales team member James 'Bushy' Bush did offer to catch our newest owner should he decide to jump.

Above and beyond mate, above and beyond.

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