Aww shucks....thanks guys!

28 Feb 2015

Paul and Christine recently took delivery of their Limited Edition Nautilus, here's what they think...

We love our loyal owners. Especially the ones who say nice stuff about us! Here's what Limited Edition Nautilus owners, Paul and Christine, has to say about their world class off-road camper trailer.

"The Nautilus was a dream to tow and relax in, on our trip home. The weather was patchy and cold at times so we used the heater. Loved everything about the Nautilus.

We're getting more excited by the day and we just want to get out there and spend more time in it, so we'll be heading off again soon. As we learn and understand more about the unit we are becoming increasing more impressed with the design and production of this unique camper.

Extended thanks go to you Michael and Wendy [Hackett] for your vision and determination to produce this fabulous off-road camper and to all those who worked with you to deliver the 21st century Nautilus.

Well done!"

Thanks guys. You're welcome.

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