Be there. See that. Do that.

1 Feb 2014

Our latest ad campaign is another break from tradition.

We like to do things slightly differently, slightly 'left of field', slightly 'out there'.

We did that twenty years ago when we made the first ever Ultimate camper trailer.  And again a few years ago when we launched the ground-breaking Nautilus.

We also like to do the same with our advertising.

We believe that the good people who buy camper trailer magazines that specialise in off-road adventures know that we sell an off-road camper trailer and not pizzas or mobile phones.  We've been doing that for twenty years and we suspect that they believe if we have been doing it for twenty years that we know what we are doing.

We know about suspension.  We know about lightweight.  We know about durability.  We know about fuel efficiency.  We know off-road.

So we choose not to show them pictures of suspension and electrics and water tanks!  We think they know that we have these things covered.

We prefer to show just where one of our legendary off-road camper trailers can go.  Where the adventure might take them.

Be there.  See that.  Do that.  Buy an Ultimate.

Simple really.

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