Camper Trailer Australia: Review of the Ultimate NEXUS

19 Jun 2017

John 'Bear' Willis and Alison Kuiter reviewed and photographed the new Ultmate NEXUS.

Take your outdoor adventuring to the next level with Ultimate’s NEXUS

For the ultimate in top-quality, Australian-made campers, look no further than Ultimate’s new Nexus model.

A great looking camper with quality manufacturing and the ability to perform in exceptionally hard impact environments, the NEXUS takes the successful Ultimate concept to its highest level of achievement.

Outwardly, the NEXUS has similarities to an upside down boat with its fibreglass body, flat transom and curvaceous, pointed bow with the huge 1340L nose cone that allows an incredible amount of storage. Thus, it comes as no surprised to discover Ultimate owners Michael and Wendy Hackett have a strong history in boat building.

Setting up the NEXUS takes next to no time, in fact, choosing the perfect campsite will probably take longer! Simply fold down two outrigger legs followed by the rear-moulded stairs, unclip the roof locks and open the gas strut-assisted roof section and you’re almost done.

With a tare weight of only 850kg, compact dimensions and super tough construction, off-road tracks present no problem for the NEXUS, and it’s a nimble rig to tow. But the real pièce de résistance is found inside: the large king-size bed that comes complete with fitted sheets and an EMP bed underlay. Talk about luxury.

The NEXUS has a terrific blend of componentry to please serious long term travellers with more than a hint of style and purpose.

The Ultimate NEXUS is priced at $73,500.

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