C'mon Mr & Mrs Off-Road Gurus - Bring home the big one!

29 Oct 2013

Alex and Lisa are taking the XPLOR to the Camper Trailer of the Years Awards and we've got our fingers crossed...

We've decided to enter this year's Camper Trailer of the Year Awards which are being held in Robe in South Australia.  We normally can't get to the competition simply because we don't have any spare models to do battle against the others (We sell ours so we don't have any just lying around!).

This year, as luck should have it, the competition was in SA a few days after the Adelaide 4x4 Show.  So we were in town, much we are sure, to the disappointment of the other off-road camper trailer companies.

Alex Lowe took off his sales hat and put on his 'you better win or don't come back' hat and has headed off to meet his destiny.  Alex is an avid off-roader and not only that he has a secret weapon - his other half, the lovely Lisa, is also an avid off-road enthusiast!

A week of fun and hard work awaits them both as we sit patiently back at base...waiting for news....waiting for the big one.  Good luck to them both.


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