Don't just take our word for it!

21 Dec 2015

Of course we're going to tell you that an Ultimate is the best off-road camper trailer on the market. It's even nicer when an expert agrees!

Penny Wells, presenter on Top of Down Under, knows a thing or two about off road driving and off road camping. When Penny took out one of our camper trailers we knew it would do the job and that she'd be happy with it. How right we were! 

Here are Penny's comments:

Our most recent filming expedition took us to extremes. The bone chilling country just below the QLD border to the sweltering tropical heat of the Top End.

Which camper would I choose to put through the paces of unrelenting corrugations, treacherous sand and questionable creek crossings? Easy decision, an Ultimate XPLOR!

Touring and towing across some of Australia's toughest tracks over the past 16 years has shaped my view on the type of durability a camper needs to survive.

I towed the Ultimate XPLOR camper through unforgiving terrain and it silently and ever-enduringly followed behind, tackling the tracks with surprisingly good manners.

The best way to describe the interior layout would be ‘civil’. Everything has a place and the comfort of a lounge and kitchen with no set up required, are a welcome site as soon as you pop the latch to unveil the camper.

To be truthful, I thought a gas heater was a bit too over the top for a camper trailer but when temps went below zero I hit that switch at lightning speed and out flowed wonderful warm air! Word soon spread in the camp and the Ultimate XPLOR officially accommodated a full camera crew!

The Ultimate camper is a tried and tested star performer off road with the added bonus of some pretty cool features that make you feel your camping with a little slice of luxury. And this is why I didn’t want to hand it back!

A big thank you to the Ultimate team for a quality product!

Penny Wells

Presenter - Top of Down Under

Thank you Penny, you're welcome!

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