Grant and Linda of My Aussie Travel Guide field test the REDARC RedVision TVMS

23 Apr 2018

When REDARC wanted some feedback on their all-new RedVision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) who better to ask than off-road bloggers Grant and Linda of My Travel Guide. If you want to know who your new off-road product will perform who better than people with an Ultimate off-road camper trailer!

The team at REDARC arranged the installation of the new RedVision in our Ultimate off-road camper trailer and were keen we gave it a good workout on an upcoming trip to the Kimberley in WA.  Now that we’re currently travelling, it’s been the perfect place to try it out.

The device continues to work and control all of our electrical needs. From the simple on/off controls of lights and appliances, and the welcoming status display of water tank supplies, through to the  temperature readings of our fridge and ambient surrounds. The display panel which has a number of user-friendly screens also allows us to see how our solar recharge is performing, how much power we’re consuming, and the data logs provide us with an instant display to the status of charge, thus allowing us to balance our consumption needs.

The Bluetooth connection to our smartphone now means we can confirm the status of charge while driving, and allows us to switch lighting on/off around our campsite from the comfort of our camp chairs at night.  While the unit controls all our 12v power needs, we occasionally need access to 240v power to recharge our camera batteries and our computers when remote camping. It’s here where the RedVision controls our inverter and provides display information of its performance.

In a nutshell, we now have one go to device that provides us with all the information we need to control our daily living needs - our water supplies, power needs, and the smartphone app means we are never left to guess whether we have enough power to meet our needs.

Grant & Linda

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