Happy Campers in Fraser Island

13 Jun 2013

Old and new get together in Fraser Island for the FNQ 2013 Muster...

It's State of Origin time of the year and in keeping with the tone of the times we hear that the Queensland owners of camper trailers from Ultimate Campers believe that they host the best musters! 

And who are we to argue!

This year's FNQ muster took place at Fraser Island from 16 - 19 May and provided a great opportunity for newbies to rub shoulders with the old hands and legendary owners of Ultis including Nautilus #1 owners Paul & Jillian Murray. And the big idea behind a muster?  Well, that's easy.  It's to share experiences, socialise, share ideas about their campers and of course show off in a 'mine has more muster stickers than your's' kinda way! 

At Ultimate Campers, we are delighted to support the muster concept and look forward to doing that as the year's go on (of course, it being State of Orgin time we will of course support the NSW musters much better!).   This year’s muster at Fraser Island saw 20 'Ultis' make the trip along with two Nautilus (seen  above having a well deserved shower after the event).

In addition to great days trips we hear that there was plenty of great fishing and swimming and in the evening lots of fun around the campfire between stories (true and untrue but much more of the latter), jokes and sing-a-longs.

And the moral of the story? 

You see, when you buy from Ultimate Campers you get more than just the best off-road camper trailer in its class in Australia.  You also join a tribe.  You make lifelong friends who share your passion for adventure. 


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