How you feel when you are told you are going camping!

5 Feb 2017

Little Cali Zahra, Granddaughter of Ultimate Campers owners Michael and Wendy Hackett gets all excited about camping - we start them early at Ultimate Campers.

Camping has always been a family activity for Michael and Wendy Hackett. Even before they founded a successful business making their iconic off road camper trailers they were out camping with their (then) young girls, Emily and Megan.

Michael and Wendy designed the Ultimate to be flexible - whether it was a couple seeking a haven or a family seeking a den, the Ultimate could do both.  Innovative use of space and canvas ensured that the Ultimate off-road camper was a hit with everybody, young and old.

It was second nature to Michael and Wendy to introduce their granddaughter Cali to camping as soon as possible. Little Cali got her first taste of family camping on the Mornington Peninsula a few weeks ago and in January 2017 she was out and about again with the entire family on the banks of the Tuross River on the South Coast of NSW.  And by the looks of it she had an absolute ball! 

"We originally were looking to create a camper trailer that could easily accommodate couples or families. The lounge could be converted for our young girls to sleep inside or if they preferred they could sleep outside completely protected by canvas walls," said Michael. 

"To us it has always been a family camper and we are thrilled that the next generation is already loving being out under the stars and sharing great memories," said Wendy.

In January 2017 Ultimate Campers released a new Family Pack which offers a saving of $550 on the purchase of the individual elements from its accessories list. The Family Pack includes a Main Awning, Rear Wall Panel, Spare Room and Enduro Mat. 

For more information on Ultimate Campers' Family Pack click here.


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