Ironman 4X4 celebrates 60 years in business...and what a way to celebrate!

15 Mar 2018

Ironman 4X4 is celebrating 60 years in business this year and to make the occasion they are giving away an Ultimate XTERRAN off-road camper trailer. Now if that doesn't make you want to buy a truckload of Ironman 4X4 gear, nothing will!

Ironman 4X4's Adam Craze has long been a fan (and owner) of an Ultimate off-road camper trailer. He's a man with taste, clearly!

Because Ironman 4x4 are celebrating 60 years in business this year, Adam decided what better way to mark this occasion than giving away one of our off road campers....the Ultimate XTERRAN.  We were delighted that Adam thought of us and we were delighted to help out.

For more information on this great promotion check out the Ironman 4X4 website for terms and conditions. 

As part of the 60th celebrations and to support Adam and Ironman 4X4 we'll be at a number of store launches this year with an Ultimate off-road camper in tow.  Check out our Shows page on this website for more details of upcoming events.

Happy birthday Ironman4x4!

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