It's confimed...setting up one of our off-road camper trailers is quicker than a tent!

21 Jun 2018

Trinty and James (and their dog, Dog, yes that's his name...Dog) are newbie Ultimate owners and even with their limited experience they noticed that setting up their Ultimate off-road camper trailer was a few minutes quicker than their previously tried and tested OzTent. Well done guys!

Which one is faster?

Our Ultimate Campers XPLOR GT beats our old Oztent by 2 minutes in set-up time. We can have the Ulti set up, bed made, ready to cook or sleep in a tad over 12 minutes. And we’re still new at this! Our Oztent took 14 and a half minutes just to set up the tent and make the bed, so add on a few more minutes for the camp kitchen set up which we’ve also eliminated with the Ulti!

One hesitation we had about an Ultimate off-road camper was that you can’t leave the bed made up. With a few tricks making the bed doesn’t dramatically affect our set-up time - Trinity usually does everything inside while James does everything outside. It really is the perfect “glamping” option for touring, we think!

Trinity and James

Ultimate Off Road Campers says: Hey guys, imagine what you'll be like with some more experience under your belt. Who knows, maybe you'll be up there with the man who designed it! Or better still his even speedier daughter. To watch the battle of the generations click here

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