It's the Ultimate compliment

29 Jan 2018

They do say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. So thank you to some of our off road camper trailer competitors....we're truly flattered!

At Ultimate Off-Road Campers we've always known that we operate in a competitive market. There are lots of great brands out there for Australian off-road camping fanatics to choose from.

Now when we chose our brand name all those years ago we were sending a clear message to the market back then that we were the ultimate off-road camper trailer.  Of course, a word like "ultimate" can't be trademarked, it's too generic. But if another company takes that name then surely you say "Damn, we should have thought about that" or "We'll come up with our own name that we are happy with."

However, over the years we have noticed some competitors openly using our brand name under the guise of describing their off-road camper trailer such as "XYZ Campers: The Ultimate Off-Road Camper". Do we get upset? Not really but it is a little irritating when you see a brand that has been around for 24 years, that has built a solid reputation and is an off-road icon being used to mislead the buying public by new kids on the block. 

So, you've been warned. Unless it says in the address bar when you click through on an advert online you are being duped!

Don't forget, be a patriot and buy an Australian-made off-road camper trailer from Ultimate Off Road Campers!  

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