New Advert. New Thinking.

26 Sep 2012

We're about to launch a whole new creative idea for our adverts in the camper trailer magazines...

We like to do things a little differently at Ultimate Campers.  And our new advertising campaign will be no exception.

A casual flick through any reputable camper trailer magazine will reveal that the adverts look pretty much like the stories.  The images tend to be the same, the feel of the pages tends to be the same.

Readers of these magazines tend to 'know their stuff'.  They get that reputable camper trailer manufacturers do good suspension or are rugged and durable.  Otherwise they wouldn't be around for twenty years like we have.  There is a trust built between the off-road adventurer and the off-road camper trailer brand.

In the first instance the advert should stand out in a crowded publication.  It should 'reward' the reader with a smile, a raised eyebrow, a something. 

Our camper has a distinct shape. A shape that has not changed in two decades.  Why? Because it works.  We don't change the camper just because.  We believe it is iconic in terms of off-road camper trailers.  These elements led us to our new 'Australian Icon' advert and an upcoming 'Legend in the Outback' advert.

Whilst we won't give away the text of the ad here, we are happy to share the visual.

Different? We hope so.

Iconic? Absolutely.


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