Now For Something Completely Different!

4 Jun 2012

The set-up for the Quensland Show at Brisbane's RNA got underway today and we noticed something. We look different.

The great thing about working in a team is that there are many sets of eyes looking at the same space but seeing it differently.

We arrived on site today to glorious sunshine at Brisbane's RNA for the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Show.  We set up the stand one way, had a look, set it up another way.  Sat back, chatted, set it up another way and then we fixed on exactly the way we wanted it!  Well, that's right up until the star of the Queensland Show, the world's best off-road camper trailer, the Nautilus, arrives on Tuesday and we need to do a little more shuffling about. 

But what's really different, what's really unique, is our overall offering.  Surrounded by 'me too' heavy, boxy, fuel guzzling caravans are these lightweight, aerodynamic, off-road camper trailers that will take their owners to the remote and beautiful places on this amazing continent. 

Come along and see what we mean at Brisbane from 6th - 12th June.  

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