Now that’s what we call a muster, mister!

29 May 2018

The Ultimate Off-Road Campers Queensland muster took place at Kin Kin and involved around 50 Ultis in what was the biggest Queensland muster ever!

So, what do you call 50 Ultis together - A herd, a tribe, a mob? We'd call it a helluva lot of fun!

Organised by John and Jane Marshall, the biggest ever Queensland Ultimate Off-Road Campers muster was held in Kin Kin, about 30 minutes from Noosa, from 24th to 27th May.

Some of the organised activities included a 4WD trip up the beach to Double Island Point and the coloured sands where there are some spectacular views. On Saturday, dinner was at the Country Life Hotel followed by a raffle where every Ultimate off-road camper trailer attending the muster was entered with the main prize being our recently launched new accessory, the Stone Shield. Ultimate Off-Road Campers’ own Emily and Megan Hackett joined in the fun. On Sunday morning John and Jane cooked bacon and eggs for all the merry Ultimateers! Or is that hungover Ultimateers…

Outside of the organised activities, an Ultimate muster is as much about catching up with old friends, sharing stories around the camp fires that spring up, sharing tips and tricks and having a glass or two of red or white and several beers. It’s then that the great stories and adventures get shared – the true ones and the not so true ones!

Ultimateers came from far and wide with some coming from as far away as Melbourne to spend time with the Ultimate Family. There were newbies and oldies – with camper numbers from the earliest years of the business to brand new NEXUS, XPLOR, XPLOR GT and XTERRANs

And they all had at least three things in common – a love for off-roading, a love for camping and a love for the most iconic off-road camper trailer out on the track.

Photos courtesy of Linda Phan.

Check out Emily and Meg's video blog at the web link below.

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