Off Road Blogging

16 Feb 2016

We're looking forward to keeping up to date with the adventures of Grant and Linda Hanan who picked up their XPLOR GT in recent weeks.

Grant and Linda Hanan like off road camping. They also like blogging. Most importantly they like Ultimate Campers! 

Grant and Linda will be keeping us up to date with their adventures in their brand new Ultimate XPLOR GT. They'll be posting video, blogs, images and great stories.

The fun started for them with a factory tour at our facility in Moruya on the South Coast of NSW. Grant loved it so much he forgot that he had come to pick up his brand new camper and wasn't just on a field trip looking at chassis, engineering and fibreglass manufacturing!

Grant was accompanied by Ultimate Campers' stalwart Steve Smith.

We're looking forward to hearing all about it in the months and years ahead.


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