Off Road Camping: How to Make Your Next Trip More Eco-Friendly

5 Jul 2017

Thanks to Sally Perkins who provided this blog article about making your next off-road camping trip more eco-friendly and in particular providing tips around cleaning your vehicle and camper trailer.

Taking a short hike or visiting a national park are just a few ways to enjoy the great outdoors. But if you want to spend a few days exploring the beauty of nature, then nothing beats taking an off-roading vehicle to go camping in the Outback. Though it is winter now in Australia, the weather is still quite pleasant as temperatures in Sydney drop to just about 10 degrees Celsius. If you choose to go camping in the Outback from June to August, you’ll find that the desert will be at a comfortable 15 degrees Celsius, and all you need to take to keep warm is a light blanket and a hoodie with you.

But while you’re out having adventures and reconnecting with Mother Nature in Darwin or Uluru, it’s important to take certain measures to care for the environment. Eco-friendly camping is a great way to soak in the wonders of nature while treating your surroundings with the respect that it deserves. By doing so, you’ll have a peaceful and fun time communing with nature while keeping your trip as green as it can be. Here’s how to make your next off-road camping trip more eco-friendly.

Conserve water when cleaning your vehicle

Though it is expected that your camper will get dirty while driving through the Australian Outback, it’s crucial to clean your vehicle once in a while to keep it running in tip top shape and to ensure your safety while you’re on the road. To conserve water, consider using waterless car wash supplies to keep your off-roading vehicle clean while saving precious water on your camping trip.

Choose reusable items

While it may be tempting to pack paper plates, disposable cups and utensils for your trip, know that these items will have an adverse effect on the environment wherever you dispose of them. Choose to bring non-breakable and washable plates, cups, and utensils instead, as well as reusable napkins or towels. 

Leave no trace behind

Following your camping trip, it’s important that you don’t leave a trace of your adventures behind. Make sure that you pack your trash and bring it with you, and use small amounts of biodegradable soap to wash yourself or your dishes. Also, if you find a leaf or an interesting-looking rock in the area, leave it where you found it. It’s important to take only pictures and memories of your trip, and nothing else from your campsite.

It’s important to be conscious of how our actions will impact the environment to ensure that generations of campers will continue enjoying the wonders of the great outdoors. By being mindful of how we use natural resources and being aware of how every little thing that we leave or take may harm our surroundings, we can continue to enjoy the beauty that our planet has to give for years to come.

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