Our baby has left home.....and we're delighted!

7 Jun 2015

Our first XTERRA has been handed over and it about to begin its life out on the tracks.

It's always a great feeling when a new owner comes in to collect their new Ulti baby. The excitement and anticipation is palpable. 

Even though we've done nearly 2,000 hand-overs in our 21 years of making off-road camper trailers we still have a great sense of satisfaction when a new Ulti gets hitched up and heads away from Moruya. The expectation of many years of great off road adventures etched on the faces of the proud new owners.

Every now and again we get a little excited ourselves! In recent weeks we handed over the first of our newest models, the XTERRA, to Wayne and Carmen. 

the XTERRA offers off-road adventurers superior performance with a whole new look. Tough, practical and durable, the XTERRA comes with a Duragal steel chassis, bullet-proof suspension and flared guards to accommodate larger tyres if required. A new and darker exterior colour scheme is about practicality and attitude.

For Wayne and Carmen, the adventure begins.

For us, it just keeps rolling.

Here's to the XTERRA, another off-road legend is born at Ultimate Campers.

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