Our Hero!

11 Oct 2012

Selling off-road camper trailers is great fun. Even with concussion....

It's true that we have a great sales team. 

They travel for a lot of the year.  Criss-crossing back and forth across Australia demonstrating and selling our range of off-road camper trailers.  Sometimes in the rain, sometimes in the wind and rain, sometimes in 40+ degrees and sometimes in 4 degrees.

And sometimes with a slight concussion.

At a recent show, James 'Bushy' Bush was in our Elite Gold off-road camper with a couple of very keen buyers.  James explained about the lightweight and the aerodynamic design.  He went through the impressive list of standard features.  As he chatted and the prospective buyers listened and asked some more questions James started to take out the table leg to explain a point.  He got distracted.  He removed the table leg and hit himself in the forehead. He's a big strong guy to he hit himself full-on with quite a lot of force.

Our concerned prospective buyers asked 'Are you okay?' to which James replied 'Just give me a minute'.  As he braced himself on the galley and waited until the wobbles subsided he got on with the talk.

Did the prospective buyers become owners? They did indeed.

Of course, the $25,000 discount offered by Bushy might have helped!

Our hero. 

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