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29 Jan 2015

No, we have not stopped manufacturing Australia's best off-road camper trailers and started doing whacky art installations. We're sharing how to make a mozzie repellant from stuff you have at home!

Nobody likes mozzies. Not even Sir David Attenborough likes them.

Because you have better things to do and because we love finding stuff on the internet that helps making off-road camping more enjoyable, we found a home made formula for keeping pesky insects at bay.

This will also work for fleas and ants...


500ml of alcohol 

100gm of whole cloves

100ml of baby oil or similar (almond, sesame, lavender etc)


Leave the cloves to marinate in alcohol for four days (resist temptation to drink it). Stir every morning and evening. After four days add the oil. It's now ready to use. To use we said, not drink over ice with a fruit slice and umbrella.


Gently rub a few drops onto your arms and legs and feel relief. It will also repel fleas on pets.

Does it work? God only knows. Tell us if it does.


Please note : Mozzies were hurt and injured in the making of this blog.

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