The Happiest Nautilus Customer Ever!

11 Jun 2013

We're paying tribute to our ambassador and friend, Ron Kaisar - Nautilus owner and all-arond great guy...

“Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy”, so says Nautilus owner and all-round amazing ambassador for Ultimate Campers, Ron Kaisar.

And Ron knows crazy.  He’s crazy about his beloved Nautilus, his Landcruiser ‘Alfie’ and crazy about life.  We are paying tribute to Ron Kaisar because not only does he care about having the best camper trailer to head off on his adventures with, he cares about sharing it with everybody.

We’ve asked if prospective owners could call him and have a chat about the Nautilus and how it handles and what his experience has been.  Not only does he say a resounding ‘yes’, we get photos of Ron and his new best friends having an impromptu barbeque!  When we ask for a photo or two of the Nautilus out there on the track he doesn’t take any old photos, he gets us thoughtful and near professional quality ones.

He gives feedback willingly and constructively.  He tells us that he feels obliged to ensure that the next person and the people further down the line get an even better camper because of his experiences.

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