The Ultimare Family Team do a 4WD and Towing Course at Great Divide Tours

24 Jun 2018

Even the people who own one of Australia's most iconic off-roadc amper trailer brands need a refresher course on off-road driving and towing every now and then!

Being confident and knowledgeable when 4WDing is a must! It’s just as important that your travel partner, the person sitting next to you, is also a competent driver. You never know what situations you may find yourself in when traveling off road with your Ultimate off-road camper trailer tucked in behind you.

With this in mind, the Ultimate family team headed about 45 minutes up the road to the outskirts of Braidwood where we met Jenny and Wayne from the Great Divide Tours crew. They put us though our paces throughout the day, teaching us everything we needed to know. Normally this day would be divided into two days however they were able to cram it all into one for us. The facility was excellent, with over 12 km of tracks and activities specifically to simulate the obstacles you commonly find when you’re travelling off road.

Great Divide Tours not only do training they also do tours throughout Australia and the world, they do tours where you supply your accommodation (tents, campers etc) and also do tours where you can stay in luxury accommodation along the way.

We all came away much more confident with our driving capabilities and will now be able to share the driving when doing big off-road tours.

If you would like to know more please head to the link below.

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