This is That, That is This, This = That!

29 Apr 2012

You know you've got a great product on your hands when people still can't believe what you are telling them right up until the 'tah-dah' moment....

Well, what a week or so it has been at the Rosehill Supershow.

We've launched two new products on the market - the flagship of the fleet, the Nautilus, and the world's most versatile camper trailer, the GO.

I worked pretty much full-time on the GO and loved the reaction from the crowd.  Picture the scene.  Two GOs, one fully open and set up with all the tent, the table inside, the seating/sleeping area, the other completely wound down into its lowest towing configuration. 

So I would do a 'show and tell' and start into explaining how the seating/table area converts into a King size and a half of sleeping area. And that all tent and mattresses and tables etc. would fold away.  I would then bring our guests to look at the lowest towing configuration and I would be met with a blank stare.  I would say 'All that you have just seen, the tent, the bedding, the table and so on become this'.  And they would look at me, look back the the open GO, look at the closed GO and point and say....'This is that?'.  I'd say 'Yes it is, that is this'. 

It's great to be part of a product that takes people by surprise.  A product that excites them.  A product that exceeds their expectations.



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