Top of Down Under Mini-Series Now Online

5 Dec 2018

Top of Down Under's Penny Wells took her Ultimate off-road camper through Litchfield National Park in this 4-part mini-series which aired on Foxtel Aurora 173 in November and December 2018.

For way too long National Parks have been systematically locking out the four wheel drive community from the tougher tracks. But the M.O.U. agreement between Northern Territory Parks and the 4WD clubs of the N.T. has started a new era of re-opening tracks to the 4WD community.

In Episode 1, Penny joins a small team of pioneers deep into Litchfield National Park on unforgiving tracks that you won't find in the tourist brochures and sets up base on a crystal clear thermal spring. There are some great shots of Penny negotiating the tough tracks and also some advice on picking the perfect off-road camper trailer.

In Episode 2, after setting up base camp, Penny is off to explore the waterfall cluster that initiated the re-opening of this area as a 4WD destination. Crystal clear swimming holes, and gorges with the odd croc sniffing around. The perfect location! Also in this episode Penny cooks up a storm around the camp fire with one of her favourite chicken meals - Spicy! 

Episode 3 see Penny exclaim, "I may have under estimated this hill!". Diff locks, winching, tyres smoking, no end in sight. Leaving the gorgeous thermal Crystal Spring was never going to be easy, but towing an off-road camper and weighing in at 5.25 tonne, Penny has to hurry if she wants to make a fishing date off Darwin. Also a new special feature - Drive my 4x4. Penny is thrown the keys to a classic off-road legend.

In Episode 4, Penny share some of her touring tips. After many laps around Australia, Penny has learnt many tips that make touring easier. Life tricks, hacks and solutions. Everything from quad bikes, to first aid, fuel economy to towing a boat and using solar. Penny shares them all whilst reeling in crazy fish in a half hour of fishing madness!

Check out the Top of Down Under YouTune Channel at the link below.

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