Top of Down Under: Season 8 is on the way!

24 Sep 2018

We're looking forward to Season 8 of off-road camping and 4WD show, Top of Down Under. Once more Penny Wells will be heading out on the track with her trusty Ultimate off-road camper trailer tucked in behind...

The full 12 episodes of Season 8 will air in February and March of 2019. This season will explore the eastern side of the Kimberleys in Western Australia. Can't wait that long to get your fix of great off-roading and camping? Don't stress it because the team at Top of Down Under will air a mini-series (oooh, fancy) in November and December this year. The mini-series will consist of four episodes and will focus on the Northern Territory and an episode of touring tips. 
In the main series the crew travel more than 17,000 km, taking in some amazing cultural sights, breathtaking water falls and rivers of immense size. Penny and her team experienced some of Australia's toughest tracks and endured some mechanical failures to add to the excitement (but not the Ulti!).  The Ultimate XTERRAN camper faithfully followed wherever Penny took it. 
We're looking forward to seeing the lastest adventures of the Top of Down Under team later this year and early next year.
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