Unsealed 4X4 Review of the Ultimate XTERRAN

16 Mar 2016

Caravan comfort in a camper trailer-sized package. There’s a reason they call them ‘Ultimate’.

When the guys at Unsealed 4X4 asked to test drive one of our new Ultimate XTERRAN off road camper trailers how could we possibly refuse! Dex Fulton (words) and Scott Mason (photography) set off and to nobody’s great surprise found the Ultimate XTERRAN to be nothing short of amazing.

You can read the full review at the link on the page but here just some of what they said:

Easy to tow with a low tare and down-ball weight

“The first thing I noticed was how nice it was to tow. Considering you get a hell of a lot of inclusions it’s remarkable that this thing only weighs 840kg with a ball eight of a scant 45kg.Compare that to some other similarly specced hard floor camper trailers out there and you’ll realise how impressive those numbers are.”

Best-in-class Battery Management System

“..there are some great new inclusions. One noticeable change is with the battery management set-up. The Red Arc Management 30 is a state-of-the-art charging system that is mounted unobtrusively in the nose cone. It provides a 30A mains smart charger, a 30A DC-DC charger via an Anderson plug and a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar regulator for when you’re stealing free energy from the sun while at camp. The one unit covers all of the camper’s power needs. It even has a monitor panel mounted under the front bench inside so you can see exactly how much juice the twin 110Ah AGM batteries have left in them. It delivers the info as current in/out, time until full charge, time until flat and so on; it’s really one of the best 12V systems I’ve ever seen in a camper trailer.”

Impressive interior

“The interior is largely unchanged, although the Ultimate has always delivered comfort that is much more on par with a caravan than an off road camper trailer.”

“A two burner Smev cooktop is also included – so even if it’s a monsoon outside, you can still prepare a hot meal.”

“The marine carpet, faux-leather seating and laminate benches make this almost a hose-out camper trailer…so clean-ups shouldn’t be a problem.”

Easy set up and take down

“Setting up and pulling down are quick and will only get quicker over time as you get comfy with the process. After putting down the outrigger and support legs and getting the camper level with the jockey wheel (which is east thanks to the spirit bubble on the drawbar), the roof is released via three latches and the rear stairs can be folded down. The fold-over bed section is gas strut assisted and can easily be deployed by a single person. Once that’s done it’s a simple matter of clicking four spring-mounted horizontal spreader poles into place inside; and you are ready to set up the three-mattress bed before settling in for the evening.  The whole thing literally takes a couple of minutes.”

Great value for money

“For that money you’re getting a trailer that will quite literally follow you over any track in Australia, and the comfort levels and inclusions are all top shelf. On top of that looking closely at the build quality and finish, I’d confidently bet that it’d be with you for 20 years and still function as well as the day you bought it. Hard to argue with that.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks Dex and Scott.

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