Watch how it's done....

22 Nov 2015

Ultimate Campers owners love to share their adventures and show off just why they bought an Ultimate. Extreme off road, challenging tracks...easy...after all, it's an Ultimate!

Nothing quite beats seeing an Ultimate in action. 

We can describe how the low tare weight, aerodynamic contours, light weight and durable fibreglass construction materials and low down ball weight all combine to make our off road campers the envy of off road adventurers but a picture tells a thousand words. Or more to the point...a video.

Check out our video library to see not only our owners but also the reviewers taking the Ultimate Campers range through its paces in Cape York. From iconic off road tracks to river crossings, see them overcome the challenges with superb 4x4 driving skills, safe in the knowledge that their camper trailer is safely tucked in behind them.  

Send in your videos to our team of your Ultimate in action. Simply email us the clip, where you were and when. We'll upload it to our YouTube channel and your amazing 4WD driving skills will be immortalised on the worldwide web!



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