We love eatin' as much as we love four wheel drivin'

20 Jan 2015

Ask us for tips about camping or four wheel driving but we'd rather leave the cooking tips to the experts!

There's nothing quite like getting out under the stars after a great day out on the track with your Ultimate off-road camper trailer. Of course you'll be hungry. And maybe your 4x4 driving skills are a helluva lot better than your cooking skills... 

You see, nothing ruins a great day with your off-road camper as much as a really dreadful feed. But help is at hand in the from of people who know what they are doing out in the bush when it comes to world class camping tucker!  

Here are a few helpful hints and tips from a guy called Hans Schneider at a US-based website called www.theclymb.com. You can read more about the tips at the weblink below.

1. Wrap meat, cheese or freshly caught fish in wild leaves.

2. Boil water in a paper cup.

3. Cook an egg in an orange peel.

4. Use a frisbee as a chopping board.

5. Learn the art of the venerable hobo meal.

So there you have it. Five fabulous culinary tips to make you look like the winner of the off-road camping version of My Kitchen Rules.

Check out the link for more on those intriguing hints. And do let us know if they work!

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