Well That Took A While!

20 Apr 2013

Twenty years on and we've finally got around to an outdoor cooking solution....

Ultimate Campers is an indoor cooking company.  It's what we do and do it well we think. Great galley, 2-burner gas stove, compressor fridge and a comfy lounge and table.

But there's always room for improvement.

At the Rosehill Supershow we launched our first outdoor cooking solution.  A stainless steel bench top that folds away neatly into the nosecone, with a basin and chopping board.  We've utilised the external gas locker to integrate with, for example, a Compantion Gas Burner or maybe a Baby Webber-Q.  Water for washing salads and fruit can be accessed from the external locker also.

We've also developed an External Galley Awning to complement the External Galley Bench Top.

Our External Galley Bench Top is priced at $500 and the awning at $295.

What will our competitors say? They'll probably run it down but ask them if you can bring a BBQ indoors in their camper trailer!

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