We're installing the all-new RedVision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) from REDARC

23 Apr 2018

With effect from the Rosehill Supershow we'll be installing the RedVision TVMS from REDARC as an optional extra in the XPLOR, XTERRAN and XPLOR GT, and standard in the NEXUS.

Ultimate Off-Road Campers is one of the first off-road camper trailer companies to install the recently-launched Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) from REDARC.  Called RedVision, this TVMS is the latest innovation from REDARC which sets an unprecedented level of automation in the recreational vehicle industry by bringing information and control right to our customers’ fingertips.

RedVision allows the control of multiple on-board devices, such as turning lights, inverter, water pumps and fridges on or off. It also provides you with the ability to monitor water levels, temperatures, energy (battery power) consumption and storage, with the battery information available when used with a REDARC 'Manager' battery management system.

RedVision comes equipped with an In-vehicle mounted display and Bring Your Own Device ‘BYOD’ Smartphone iOS or Android app that features the control and monitoring of many functions in an Ultimate off-road camper, in one place.

The display and app uses a modern, user-friendly interface, by incorporating an easy to understand system layout. The robust display has been built and tested to withstand Australia’s tough and varied environmental conditions, whilst the app brings together REDARC’s expertise on innovation and continual investment into R&D and manufacturing quality products in Australia.

Ultimate owners and off-road bloggers, Grant Hanan and Linda Bloffwitch, of My Aussie Travel Guide, have been testing RedVision for several weeks and you can read their comments here.

RedVision will be available as an optional extra in the XPLOR, XTERRAN and XPLOR GT, and as a standard feature in the NEXUS with effect from orders placed at the Rosehill Supershow in Sydney (24 – 29 April 2018).

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