What's a roll over between friends?

14 Apr 2014

Well we didn't win the Camper Trailer of the Year competition but we sure did give it everything, including an unscripted demonstration of how robust and durable our off road camper trailer really is....

The Camper Trailer of the Year 2013 finals arranged by respected industry magazine Camper Trailer Australia were held in Robe, South Australia, at the back end of 2013.

We'd love to be writing here telling you we won but hey life just isn't fair.  We were the clear favourite of the Editor of the magazine, Emma Ryan, and let's be honest she knows a thing or two about off-road camper trailers (well, we hope so being the Editor, right?).

At one stage our intrepid colleague and the guy charged with putting the XPLOR through her paces at the event, Alex Lowe, put her on her side. But our off-road legend was back on her tyres in no time with barely a scratch.  Did that cost us the big prize? Nah. Unlikely.

The judges were hugely impressed with the lack of any damage to the camper trailer.

When we saw the footage we debated editing it out.  But common sense prevailed and we said 'No, leave the roll-over in'.  In the real world it happens, even to the most experienced 4x4 drivers.  Cape York is littered with the carcasses of camper trailers not up to the task.  Roll-overs that never recover.  

But not the Ultimate.  You won't find them scattered across the track. Because just like in the video, they dust themselves off and get back to the adventure - a scratch here or a bump there, but nothing worse than that.

Not only does the adventure begin with Ultimate Campers.  It can continue....

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