What's In A Name...

19 Apr 2013

How we came up with the name for the XPLOR (or, we're writing this blog to show you how terribly clever we are!)

We've been asked by some customers, purely out of interest, how we came up with the name 'XPLOR' for our newest off-road camper trailer.

We suppose people think that it's all cafe latte and Danish pastries around a large table with people with floppy hair and driving old VW Beetles. 

Nothing as remotely cool as that!

It's simple really.  We felt that the name should conjure up the emotion of owning an Ultimate off-road camper trailer.  So many of our customers talk about 'living the dream' or 'freedom'.  We looked at these emotive types of names and well, they had been done before.  We have always liked the XTRK name and the use of 'X' so we thought we'd explore (excuse the pun!) the letter'X' and how we could use that and at the same time bring a consistency to our overall naming scheme.  At the same time we wanted to feel the emotion that comes with owning an Ultimate.

So we settled on XPLOR. 

And hopefully in the fullness of time somebody will end that with 'and the rest, as they say, is history'....


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