What's in a name...

23 Jan 2018

After several years of "Utimate Campers" we're going back to "Ultimate Off-Road Campers".

Some years ago we decided to subtly re-brand as Ultimate Campers.  A slightly catchier and shorter version of Ultimate Off-Road Campers, which we had been since we started the business in the early 1990s. It looked tidier on the campers and saved space on the staff uniforms! 

But we also assumed that people who were in the market for an off-road camper trailer knew we made and sold off-road camper trailers.  And they did. We continued to use "off-road" where we needed to such as on the website where the address has been ultimateoffroadcampers.com.au for several years.

But these days there are many new people coming to the market seeking the best Australian-made off-road camper trailers and we felt that we needed to remind them that we are what they are looking for.  This is especially true when they see one of our camper trailers out on the road or off road do they know it's an off-road icon? Maybe, maybe not. But they will know for sure starting soon.

Sore re-brands cost millions.  At Ultimate Off Road Campers we just use commonsense, pretty much like the camper trailers themselves which have been built on the KISS principle - Keep it Simple, Stupid!


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