What's in a name...

18 Apr 2019

Ultimate Campers has updated it's logo. Or should we say, Ultimate Off-Road Campers...

When Apple Computers changes its name to Apple, it had a pretty good reason. They had ceased being just about computers. They had become a broader technology company - iPods, iPads, iTunes and so on.

About a decade ago Ultimate Off-Road Campers decided it was time for a brand refresh too! We created an graphic device/icon that mimicked the classic nosecone shape of the off-road camper trailer range. Some thought it also reflected a wave, drawing its inspiration from the  company's south coast of NSW location and marine industry heritage - you know, the upside down boat analogy. The blue in the graphic device also connected with the ocean and also the blue sky of being outdoors, travelling, camping, adventuring.

What we also did was re-name the brand "Ultimate". You see, we assumed everybody knew what this sleek, aerodynamic trailer was as it was tucked in perfectly behind 4x4s. 

Eh, no. 

Roll forward a decade and our industry is as competitive as ever, more new brands, new camper trailers, new innovations. We still believe that our product stands out from the crowd in our niche. The off-road camping niche. We still believe it is the ultimate in the off-road camper segment of the market.

So we've come back full circle. We are Ultimate Off-Road Campers.


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