XPLOR-ing Our Great New Look

11 Jun 2013

Taking a look at the thought process behind changing a twenty year livery design...

In launching the XPLOR model we took some chances and generally we’re not betting people.*

Our black ‘swoosh’ effect had been on the various models of our off-road camper trailers since the start, from the origin of the species in 1994 to the Odyssey and Enterprise though to the 101 and the more recent Elite series.  The XTRK did have a colour variation but the shape was the same.  Every now and then we are asked to do a once-off colour like red or blue.  But 99% have been black and with the ‘swoosh’ shaped in a very particular way.

That was until we developed the XPLOR.

So why change something so quintessentially ‘Ultimate’?  Why change a look that was so iconic within the off-road camper trailer industry that we built and advertising campaign around it?

The essence of our design, the aerodynamic contours hadn’t changed.  But when you stood back from afar all you could see of this wonderfully exciting shape was the rounded white bits.  We also felt that the use of black fittings made it look like it could have just come through a swarm of flies!

So we thought and thought some more.  We tossed and turned.  We got anxious.  But in the end we realised that the look had to be modernised.  Under the stewardship of John Learson, Ultimate’s experienced Head Designer, the new look quite literally took shape.  The black was replaced by a lighter, more contemporary and premium-looking silver-grey.  The addition of the orange strip forged a link between our heritage as an off-road camper trailer brand and the amazing country we live to travel across.  The white strips along the side where absorbed into the new colour scheme to give a modern look.  Finally, the addition of white fixings cleaned the look up.

We’re delighted we took the chance.  We’re delighted the market has responded so positively to the XPLOR and to its fresh new look.  More changes to come?  Watch this space….


* That is, outside of the Melbourne Cup and the odd flutter on flies walking up walls.  Oh yeah, and the footy.  C’mon the Blues! 

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