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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a quality second hand Ultimate off-road camper trailer talk to us first!

Giles Coakes did and he doesn't regret it for one second. Check out Giles' video or blog testimonials about our used camper trailers and the super service he got from Ultimate Campers. 

We have a number of demonstrator Ultimate off-road campers available throughout the year so if you'd like to join the waiting list contact us today. 

All Ultimate pre-owned off-road camper trailers are inspected and certified before being offered for sale. What's more, they are sold with a minimum of three months warranty.

Sellers: We are always looking for good used Ultimate camper trailers to sell because we get a huge amount of enquiries. Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell your Ultimate off-road camper.


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2003 Ultimate - #347 - $29,000

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2018 Ultimate Nexus Demo - $71,000

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2017 Ultimate NEXUS Demo - $73,000

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2012 Nautilus LE (Limited Edition) - massive price reduction $82,000

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2014 Ultimate Nautilus - $105,000 - (price reduced $98,000)

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2004 Ultimate #462 - $32,000

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