The Ultimate Difference

Not only do we design, build and sell the best off-road campers in the world, we use them, we live the adventure, we speak from experience.  It is this experience and passion that separates us from our competitors.  But there’s more…

We believe that our range off-road camper trailers are the ultimate in design, durability and practicality and that our team provides the ultimate in customer care before, during and after purchase.


At Ultimate Campers we start with the KISS principle, as in ‘Keep it simple, stupid!’.  We realised long ago that ‘simple’ is still best in terms of safe, reliable and cost-effective off-road travel.  Our expert team of R&D professionals use the latest CAD systems to bring their ideas to life before we set about constructing the world’s best off-road campers using marine-grade composite materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.  Sleek, stylish, aerodynamic and light weight design minimises driving effort and fuel consumption leading to a lower carbon footprint.


A resin/fibre matrix is used to create the intricate curved shapes in the design resulting in an extremely strong and low maintenance composite that will serve you for decades.  The chassis design of the XTRKXPLOR, XPLOR GTXTERRAN and NEXUS is a Y-frame, fabricated from high-tensile Duragal steel. We use long travel coil springs and premium off road shock absorbers.  The result is maximum strength and superior off-road performance.


The signature aerodynamic shape of Ultimate off-road camper trailers means that there is negligible damage from deflected stones.  Low tare weights across the range of between 750kg and 850kg mean that greater payloads can be carried, fuel-efficiency can be maximised and you’ll have a safer cruising experience.  Marine-grade stainless steel hardware and fasteners are used throughout the Ultimate Campers range.  State-of-the-art automotive and marine seals ensure that your Ultimate off-road camper trailer remains dust proof and waterproof.  All our off-road campers have great storage space for all your accessories.

Customer Care 

Many companies in many industries talk about great service or know what they should be doing.  They have brilliantly presented customer service statements and customer charters.  But only some companies actually live it day in, day out. 

At Ultimate Campers our team are genuinely passionate about providing a superior customer experience from the first time you call until well after you have bought your dream off-road camper trailer. So how do we prove it? Well, we are confident enough to say that next time you see an Ultimate out on the track, go talk to the owner.  We’re pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  We sell more products by word-of-mouth than any other means.  And that’s something we are very proud of.

Your adventure begins with great service.  That’s a promise.