We want our owners to stay in the Ultimate family forever!

That's why we have a great trade-in program - making sure that if you own an Ultimate off road camper trailer but want to upgrade or get something new and shiny, we're here to make it happen.  We're confident that we can move your camper along because we get quite a few enquiries about pre-owned Ultimates. 

Talk to us and tell us what your plans are. We'll help you pick the best camper trailer for your current needs. Maybe it's an XTRK with some added extras such as a Family Pack, or your prefer the look of the more recent XTERRAN or the XPLOR. Perhaps you want the bells and whistles of the XPLOR GT or the all-new NEXUS. No matter what your motivation for trading-in your current Ultimate camper trailer you can be sure that whatever model you choose it has the same DNA - aerodynamic, light weight, durable and ready for great off-road adventures.

What now?

Simply email us at the link below or call 02 4474 4410 today.

I am interested in trading-in my current Ultimate