Ultimate Off-Road Campers: NEXUS 360 - Part 1

17 Mar 2020

Andrew Hearne takes you through our flagship off-road camper trailer, the NEXUS 360. A quarter of a century in the making, this camper has it all - innovation, sleek design and light weight combined with its status as the Most Comfortable Camper Trailer at the 2019 Camper Trailer Awards.

Ultimate Off-Road Campers: Nexus 360 - Part 3

17 Mar 2020

Andrew Hearne takes you through the internal of our flagship model, the Ultimate Campers NEXUS 360. Lots of new features and standard features that are extras in other camper trailers on the market. Find our why this camper trailer was voted Most Comfortable Camper Trailer at the 2019 Camper Trailer of the Year Awards.

Ultimate Off-Road Campers: GT 360 Inside and Out

25 Nov 2019

Take a whistlestop tour of the all-new Ultimate GT 360 off-road camper trailer courtesy of company owners, David and Bronwyn Rodgers. The guys are setting up for Camper Trailer of the Year - Go Ultimate!

Ultimate Off-Road Campers: Where you go, I go

8 Oct 2019

Ultimate owners Helen and her husband couldn't resist putting their Ulti through its paces, even though they had packed up and we're ready to leave after their long weekend away in the Adelaide Hills! They're last minute bit of off-roading proves that an Ultimate off-road camper will go wherever your tow vehicle can go.

Ultimate Off-Road Campers: Ezi-Fold Bed

29 Aug 2019

There is a rumour doing the rounds that there is a magical, mythical, mystery bed that we have found at the bottom of a rainbow. Well, it's true.

Behold, the Ultimate Off-Road Campers king-size Ezi-Fold bed. It's only taken us 25 years...

Top of Down Under Mini-Series Episode 1: Unlocking Litchfield National Park

5 Dec 2018

Queen of the off-road, Top of Down Under's Penny Wells, takes her trusty Ultimate off-road camper trailer through Litchfield National Park.

For way too long National Parks have been systematically locking out the four wheel drive community from the tougher tracks. But the M.O.U. agreement between Northern Territory Parks and the 4WD clubs of the N.T. has started a new era of re-opening tracks to the 4WD community.

Penny joins a small team of pioneers deep into Litchfield N.P. on unforgiving tracks that you won't find in the tourist brochures and sets up base on a crystal clear thermal spring.

Inside the Ultimate Nexus off-road camper

5 Oct 2018

Take a whistestop tour through our flagship off-road camper trailer, the Ultimate NEXUS. Check out the leather lounge, galley kitchen and the red wine tucked away on the galley shelf! Guys, you've been rumbled!

How to....Open an Ultimate off road camper trailer

29 Sep 2018

Opening an Ultimate off-road camper trailer is really quick and easy as you may have seen some of our other videos where we open and close the camper. In this video Emily Hackett shows you how to open an Ultimate off-road camper trailer in more depth so you can get a good feel for just how simple it really is.

Meet Your Makers : Part 8

27 Sep 2018

In this episode we'll meet Dave Cameron from the Ultimate Off-Road Campers Sales team. Dave travels the length and breadth of the country taking our off road campers to shows and events, doing the opening and closing process hundreds of times every year and helping grow the Ultimate Off Road Campers family!

Meet Your Makers : Part 7

14 Sep 2018

In this video you'll meet Andrew Hearne from Ultimate Off-Road Campers' Sales & Service Support team.

Time warp! It's a corporate video from 2003

13 Sep 2018

Very little has changed with the Ultimate off-road camper trailer in 15 years. Why? Because we ran out of ideas? Nah. We just got it pretty much spot on first time around!

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia: Part 5 - Episode 2

8 Sep 2018

All good things must come to an end. In this second episode of the final part of their World Tour of Australia, Micheal and Wendy head onto the the QAA, a quick stop at Annondale Station and finish their adventure on top of the famous Big Red before heading home!

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia: Part 5 - Episode 1

7 Sep 2018

This video is the first part of the last episode in Michael and Wendy's 2018 Ultimate Adventure. Leaving Wolfe Creek and onto the Tanami heading towards Alice Springs for a brief stop, restock of supplies and off again along the Binns Track and onto the iconic Madigan Line. The Madigan Line is on the top of most Australian 4WD fanatics’ bucket list and it is said to be the most challenging crossings of the Simpson Desert.

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia: Part 4

6 Sep 2018

Michael and Wendy’s stay at Bachsten Creek comes to an end and they are back on the road this time heading home to Moruya on the NSW South Coast. In this video we show you some of the amazing Kimberly country where an Ultimate off-road camper trailer can get to with ease including parts of the Munja Track and Pentecost River.

Ultimate NEXUS - External Tour

18 Aug 2018

Michael Hackett takes you on an external tour of the Ultimate NEXUS, our flagship off-road camper trailer. This particular model has been on tour with Michael and Wendy over the past several weeks. Please note some of the features shown in this video are optional extras, please get in touch with us to find out more.

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia: Part 3

11 Aug 2018

After the Darwin Camping & Off Road Show Michael and Wendy hit the road again traveling west towards WA. They headed for Broome where they are due to meet up with friends and head deep into the Kimberley to Bachsten Creek.

In this video we show you some of the amazing country an Ultimate off-road camper trailer is able to get to. Destinations with no crowds, no mobile service, no bathrooms - just a sense of adventure and a desire to check out some of the most remote parts of Australia!

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia : Landcruiser 79 Series

5 Aug 2018

Michael and Wendy have returned from nearly 9 weeks on the road in their 79 Series and Ultimate Off-Road Camper. The video is a little on the long side (there is so much to see and cover) so if you have any questions or would like to know more about a specific part or product please let us know by emailing us through our 'Contact" page on this website.

Ultimate Adventures with Annie!

3 Aug 2018

In this video we meet Annie, who travels solo across Australia in her Ultimate off road camper trailer! Hear about why Annie loves her Ultimate, what he favourite trip has been so far and where she is off to next..Go Annie!

Ultimate Campers: How to level your off road camper trailer

18 Jul 2018

Levelling an Ultimate off-road camper trailer is pretty easy. When you come to our showroom to do a handover with us we show you exactly how it's done. In this video Michael Hackett shows Emily how to level the the camper trailer in an extreme situation. This is a great step-by-step guide of the way we use the outriggers and jockey wheel to level the camper trailer when unhooked from your vehicle. Emily also goes through some levelling FAQs and we include a simple recap guide which you can screen shot and save for future reference.

Meet Your Makers : Part Six

7 Jul 2018

It's the The Big Kahuna. The guy whose vision for an off-road camper trailer for him and his family to enjoy the beach and bush became an icon on the track. That's right, it's Ralphie, Michael and Wendy's beloved dog. Ok, ok....we're joking, it's the main man at Ultimate Off Road Campers...Michael Hackett.

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia: Part 2

30 Jun 2018

As Michael and Wendy head to Darwin leaving Birdsville behind, they take in Big Red, the QAA and the Hay River Track with their Ultimate off-road camper in tow. They also showcase some rather funky headwear....Paris, Milan, New York this ain't!

Ultimate Adventures with Andrew!

19 Jun 2018

Andrew is on his second Ulti and we took the opportity to chat with him at Ultimate Off-Road Campers HQ about his travels and family adventures in his camper trailers.

Michael and Wendy's World Tour of Australia

19 Jun 2018

Owners of Ultimate Off-Road Campers, Michael and Wendy Hackett, let us behind the scenes of their well-deserved trip through the Red Centre to Darwin. Michael even shares some tips about toilet etiquette out bush....seriously.

Meet Your Makers : Part Five

4 Jun 2018

In this episode we meet Steve Smith, Ultimate's National Sales Manager. Steve has been with Ultimate Off-Road Campers for a decade holding several positions in Production, Service and Parts and Sales. If anybody knows the ins and outs of Australia's best off-road camper trailer it's Stevie Wonder!

Emily & Meg go mustering!

30 May 2018

Emily and Megan Hackett joined the Ultimate Off-Road Campers QLD muster in Kin Kin in May 2018. 50 or so Ultimate off-road camper trailers made it the biggest QLD muster ever. Check out their video diary.

Making up the bed in an Ultimate off-road camper trailer

27 May 2018

Do we have to make the bed every time we set up? The answer is yes! But Emily Hackett will show you how quick and easy it is to make the bed in an Ultimate off-road camper trailer, including tips to make it even easier.

Ultimate Adventures with Pat and Martin!

23 May 2018

Owners of Ultimate #49, Pat and Martin, dropped by our HQ and had a chat with Michael Hackett about their off-road adventures in their beloved Ulti. This is what it's all about!

Ultimate Off Road Campers installs the all-new RedVision system from REDARC

14 May 2018

Ultimate Off-Road Campers is one of the first off-road camper trailer companies to install the recently-launched Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) from REDARC. Called RedVision, this TVMS is the latest innovation from REDARC which sets an unprecedented level of automation in the recreational vehicle industry by bringing information and control right to our customers’ fingertips.

In this video Emily Hackett explains how it all works.

The Ultimate factory tour!

6 May 2018

Join Michael and Emily as they take you behind the scenes at our manufacturing facility in Moruya. Meet the Aussies who make the Aussie off-road camper trailer that's perfect for Aussie off-road adventures.

Behind the scenes at the Rosehill Supershow

29 Apr 2018

Join Emily on a behind the scenes look at our stand at the Rosehill Supershow. Take a look inside our off road campers trailers and see the team in action doing what they do best - selling Australia's best off road campers with a smile!

Meet Your Makers : Part Four

28 Apr 2018

In this episode of Meet The Makers you'll meet Jason Stevens, Ultimate Off Road Campers' Operations Manager of 11 years and the guy who oversees the production of Australia's best off-road campers. Jason loves to fish and go camping - we're surprised he has any time for work!

We've lifted the lid on our latest product development!

23 Apr 2018

It's been 24 years in the making but we've finally got automatic lid on an Ultimate off-road camper trailer. Co-owner Michael Hackett takes you through the game changing optional extra that we've all been waiting for.

Meet Your Makers : Part Three

16 Apr 2018

Meg Hackett is Ultimate Off Road Campers' Assistant Financial Director. Now we know what you are thinking..."boring". Well, not if you have grown up eating, sleeping and drinking off-road camping adventures! In addition to her duties debiting and crediting ledgers and reconciling bank accounts, Meg has a talent for making the best coffee at Ultimate Campers' head office.

Meet Your Makers : Part Two

7 Apr 2018

So what's it like to be a co-owner of the iconic Aussie off-road camper trailer brand? Wendy Hackett talks about the company she helped to found with her husband Michael, her passion for camping and her family.

Behind the scenes at Ultimate Off Road Campers

29 Mar 2018

We love videos. So much so that we make videos about videos! In this one, Michael and Emily Hackett take you behind the scenes of the video that launched the Stone Shield. There's lots of cool off roading going on and a fair bit of've been warned.

The ultimate walk through of the Nexus with MrBuckaroonie

29 Mar 2018

Off-roading camping youtuber (Really? Is there such a thing?!) MrBuckaroonie took the opportunity to walk through the Ultimate Nexus off-road camper trailer with Luke Sutton of Drifta Camping and 4WD. Luke is our newest agent and the Nexus can been seen at his latest store in Brendale, Queensland.

Ultimate Off Road Campers launches the Stone Shield

16 Mar 2018

Ultimate Off Road Campers has launched a new accessory, the Stone Shield. Follow the new product from concept, through manufacture and then field tested. Taking you on the Stone Shield journey is none other than co-owner, Michael Hackett.

Ultimate Camper vs Gunshot Creek....easy!

4 Jan 2017

An owner of a camper trailer from Ultimate Campers with their Prado 150 taking on Gunshot Creek in Cape York. Made in Australia, by Australians, for Australian off-road conditions.

Meet Your Makers : Part One

25 Jul 2016

In the first of a new series Ultimate Campers co-owner Michael Hackett takes you around the Ultimate factory to introduce you to the team who make Australia's best off road camper trailers.

Nautilus : The star of the show

18 May 2016

What's Up Down Under had a chat with Ultimate Campers' own Steve Smith at the Rosehill Show about the Ultimate Nautilus. The Nautilus may well be the star of he show but Steve is not too far behind!

Taking the Xtrk down Gunshot

8 Sep 2015

Proud Xtrk owner Ol Fullerton takes his Xtrk down Gunshot. A few owners have been attempting the challenge this year! Good effort mate.